Meet Gianni Fajri


The Enthusiast Movie Director:

Gianni Fajri with Capisco Puls

Meet Gianni Fajri or her better name by Ghyan, the sweet girl that has deep passion as a movie director. On 13th February 2017, Ghyan was invited to hold a talkshow session, telling her story as a Filmmaker.



Pack of audience filled the auditorium of Conclave Wijaya eager to meet and know more about her. Ghyan shared some of her works; one of it was for Aqua. It was well crafted and captured beautifully.


“My first movie sucks but I do learn from it. I learn that if you want to do something, you do it with passion. And don’t forget to always hear and take in feedbacks, may it be positive or negative.” answered Gianni when she was asked on her point of view towards her first movie.

As seen on the pictures is Ghyan sitting comforably on our Capisco Puls while sharing her journey.





It was a fun night with Ghyan! We learned on how passion and hard work is the most important elements on achieving things that we want the most. Huge thanks to Conclave team that made this event happened!

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