We are Making Today is Modest

“When it comes to task chairs, no manufacturer takes the environmental effects of its materials and processes more seriously than Scandinavian Business Seating.

As a company and a manufacturer of high- end office seating, we are acting now.
Globally, perhaps the difference we are making today is modest. But our mission – as our products, name and philosophy grow increasingly familiar in the market – will help seed other initiatives and inspire others to change their behaviour.”

Carl Peter Aaser, Vice President Environment

Pioneer in Sustainability

Scandinavian Business Seating’s quality standards are high. Products are tested in accordance with a number of international quality standards for functionality, dimensions, finish and durability. And we always excel. Scandinavian Business Seating is also resolved to pioneer a sustainable development. Every Scandinavian Business Seating chair is designed and manufactured according to five basic life cycle principles.

Our basic principles of sustainability:
  • Low weight
  • Few components
  • Good materials
  • Long lifetime
  • Cradle to cradle closed lifecycles
Minimized environmental impact:
  • Lowest possible “Carbon footprint”
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Reduced use of non-renwable resources

At Duba-B8, we respect the environment and human beings. Respect is an integral part of our vision, and we strive consi­stently to improve.

Let’s highlight our prin­cipal successes. These are success stories which have many different positive effects on the indoor climate, on the environment and on our cust­omers’ finances

  • We are FSC® Chain of Custody certified.
  • Our products can add valuable points to climate-friendly buil­dings, e.g. in accor­dance with the LEED standard.
  • In 2013, 98% of the timber-based material sourced for our production was certified as sustai­nable.
  • Since 2007 we have reduced our energy consumption by 48%, corre­sponding to the annual consumption of 351 Danish house­holds.
  • We strive consi­stently to minimise our emis­sions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to benefit the indoor climate.
  • Pack­aging is sorted in accor­dance to source and recycled.
  • Since 2013, all our furniture rims have 100% water-based varnish to ensure minimal degassing and a better indoor climate for our cust­omers.
  • All our electric height-adjustable desks are equipped with a low power control unit which uses less than 0.1 Wh in standby mode. The unit provides an average annual saving of 12.2 Wh per work table compared with a standard control unit.
  • Re-entry – we offer our cust­omers a product re-entry scheme. We ensure that furniture compo­nents are correctly recovered, recycled and disposed of.