AMBERLI Beauty Launching with RBM Noor Up


The process of discovering new beauty can sometimes feel like figuring a pandora box. Sometimes, it matches you well but sometimes it doesn’t fit to your taste. So when were invited and be part of AMBERLI’s Beauty launching their first liquid lipstick matte with concept of something sexy, we witnessed how appealing AMBERLI’s lipsticks are that can long last with good quality and offer range of beautiful shades.

On 28 November 2017, it was AMBERLI’s debut on launching its brand, inviting all the Medias and Influencers. HALLNING is delighted to be part of the event, sponsoring our lovely RBM Noor Up chairs that matches really well with the atmosphere.



RBM Noor Up on ‘The Launch of Something Sexy‘ by AMBERLI



On frame : Margaretha Yuliana, Angel Pieters, Bubah Alfian

During the press conference time, we have Margaretha Yuliana – the owner of AMBERLI Beauty, the beautiful Angel Pieters and the talented MUA, Bubah Alfian sitting on the lovely RBM Noor Up.

All the crowds also gathered and had a fun activity during the event, where Bubah Alfian showcase his skill on the stage with the model, none other than Angel Pieters sitting comfortably on RBM Noor Up.




Organized By

AMBERLI BEAUTY  Event : @fe_entertains

Decoration of the Event : @hereisto_

Photographer of the Event : @max_willy


Now you know where these beautiful chairs from, go visit us now!


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