Capisco at Tokyobike Bali


Tokyobike Event: Sahabat Perjalan Bali with Capisco Puls

It was a delighted experience with tokyobike in Bali; 12 Sahabat Perjalanan Bali with different occupation and speciality from each talent(s).






As seen above is our Capisco Puls beautifully set in the main stage that comes in various colours for the 12 talents in Straw Hut Café in Seminyak, Bali.
All of the talents are interviewed, sharing their story relate to their job. It was a good time to get to know more of each talent. Introducing you to the 12 talents from tokyobike that sit comfortably in Capisco Puls during the press conference!




– Jordan Marzuki (@jordanmarzuki) one of the nations’ rising videographer and visual communication. A mind that has many talents.

– Ni Kadek Diah Rahayu Dewi (@didiahrahayu) a professional female surfer from Bali that has been sponsored by Rip Curl since she was just 14 years old!

– Muhammad Aga (@muhammadaga) a coffee Expert and professional barista that as well the founder of @coffeesmithjkt.

– Krishna Pradana (@krishnapradana) a talented photographer as well talented as visual communication and the founder of S.Woonderland (@swoonderland)

– Anggey Anggraeni (@her_journeys) a bubbly influence that documents all of her travelling picture in social media where she gained thousands of followers!

– Adi Dharma (@stereoflow_id) a street artist, all of his artworks is inspired from Hip Hop culture.

– Nadya Natassya (@nadcil) a talented female tattoo artist, been passionate of drawing on a living canvas since 17 years old.

– Dena Rachman (@denarachman) the enthusiast fashion blogger, model and social activist.

– Lala Karmela (@lalakarmela) a musician and also a songwriter, her latest project is ‘Bukaan 8’ movie which happened right now!

– Benny Lim (@bennylims) a well-known photographer in Jakarta as well an entrepreneur.

– Ernanda Putra (@ernandaputra) a creative director.

– Keenan Pearce (@keenanpearce) the conceptor behind @maknacreative

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