Evening talk with DM ID


Talking about Marketing / branding, yesterday on the 14th of November 2016, HALLNING supports the event for DM ID Sharing Session at Conclave Wijaya starring Ms. Almira Shinantya, the Managing Director of DM ID with our Legendary Ergonomic Chair Capisco Puls.

Almira herself joined DMID with experiences involved in various major projects including Permata Bank, Halal Industry Development Corporation, Regent Residences KL, Kotex and many others. She also spent a year of working in Twist Studios in San Fransisco. She spent another year working in Bluelounge Design, a Pasadena-based Graphic & Product Design Agency.

Last night she talked about how branding can really affect your current brand. Talking about consistency, evolving having core messages and many more.

We had a great time listening to her inspiring sharing last night.

Hope to see more of DM ID growing big and see you soon in another Conclave Event!



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