#hallningtalks | Ergonomics, Featuring: Citylife Sehat


New year, New Resolution: Bring Posture to Life.
Date & Time: February 3, 2019 | 13:00 PM
Location: Hållning Pacific Place, Level 2.

On this day of the event, Hållning and Citylife Sehat Chiropractor teamed up to collaborate on giving information and lectures about Posture. We believe at this present time people still doesn’t realise how a bad posture can affect their daily life in the future.We conducted a join event at Hållning’s Showroom at Pacific Place to give education to our viewers on how to achieve a better posture.

The First speech started with Dr Tinah Tan FSCC by opening about how to achieve a good posture on a daily basis. Continuing onto the second speech by Mr Bobby Hartanto of Hållning, speaking about how Hållning’s ergonomic furnitures can help workers and users to achieve a good straight posture. Because most of the time a bad posture often happens because of a wrong sitting position, and mostly that targeted to office workers. Not only that but to give a wider perspective on what makes Hållning’s chair different from the rest “ergonomic” task chairs.

After the speech, Viewers can either go to Dr Tinah to consult, go to Citylife team to have a FREE Posture check and also to Hållning’s team to try on their ergonomic task chairs and workstations.

Feel free to check on our video above and pictures below.

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