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PT. Top Food Indonesia

Top Food Indonesia is one of our local clients, and their main office is located in Jakarta. They are the first local company to use our products, early when Ergo World changed its name to Hallning in the year 2013. PT. Top Food Indonesia uses Hallning products for their meeting room and common room.

For the meeting room, they use 10 of our green Hag Futu Knit that compliments well their light-brown marble meeting table. Hag’s Futu chair is one of our most popular chair as it has complete adjustment features and is yet very affordable. Futu is the perfect for meeting room chair as well as task chairs for personal office spaces. Some of its features includes, height adjustment, seat depth, armrests adjustment, lumbar support and even tension adjustments. It has all the function our body needs for movement and variation. It comes in two varieties, leather or fabric.

Aside from its ergonomic qualities, Futu is also fun to play with colors. Their color options are fun and lively, they set a happy mood. Yet when we choose a darker color option, the Futu can also make a room feel elegant and sophisticated.

Top Food Indonesia also uses our Hag Luxury chair called the Excellence for their common area. They chose a lighter color tone from our Paloma leather selection (by Wollsdorf). The fine leather made the space feel elegant and expensive in a very subtle yet obvious way.