The funda­mental idea of the layout is for people to be able to work anywhere — including the large communal areas and the small cafés. That is why the areas are split into furnishing zones that are suitable for the acti­vities and the work processes at Telenor.

“One cannot change work processes throughout furnishing only, but we want to create open solu­tions that encourage commu­ni­cation and know­ledge sharing. One could say that we have gone from ´me and mine´ to ´we and ours´.” Elisabeth Paus, interior designer and manager of Zinc.

Duba-B8 has an inte­r­e­sting concept and Komplot Design produced a simple, striking solution. A furniture concept consi­sting of a few compo­nents that can be combined in a unique way — and that make it possible to furnish the large premises in a flexible and diverse way.” Elisabeth Paus, Zinc.