Duba B8 System 4000

  • Description

    The table system in the System 4000 range repre­sents exclusive, cogent design. System 4000 is an exciting combi­nation of mate­rials, faultless finish and beau­tiful details. Using our unique “click” system, it is possible to replace both table tops and table legs if you need to change the tables. Exclusive and faultless.


    1000 years danish craftsmanship duba b8

    Simplicity – Danish Craftsmanship

    S4000 is a series of work desks developed from a slimline design concept, which leaves a stylish and minimalistic expression of a danish premium craftsmanship with endless combinations considering both function and design.


    Minimalist – Functional

    The S-4000 is a series of desks made in Denmark with endless combinations considering both function and design. Interesting choices in both material and colours. If you emphasise aesthetics, design and simplicity, S-4000 desks are a great choice. 


    Individual Adjustments

    Adjust the height of your table with an unlimited stop, ranging from 650 mm to 1200 mm. This way, user can adjust the height of the table to their individual needs where they will find the perfect fit and position in order for them to be able to work with a good and healthy posture. Not only that, but user can work standing up instead of always sitting down. This allows user to have variation in working, maintaining good posture and burning more calories.


    Experience Sit – Stand with Hållning

    Work in various movement and variations with our unlimited stop height adjsutments. Allowing you to be healthy, productive while mantaining good posture.
    Can only be done with: Hållning Height-adjustable desks & HÅG Capisco Series Task chair


    We keep the environment and sustainability in focus when we produce the desks and we can deliver the tables FSC certified.

    How to work the S-4000 Height Adjustable Desks

    Watch how the S4000 desks can benefit you in your everyday work life. Enjoy working in various movement and variations with HÅLLNING. [Watch the full video]

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  • Feature & Specifications

    Feature & Specifications



    • S-4000 table tops are with chamfered edges and lipping
    • Table tops with Centre-Curve design
    • Table Size: 1800mm x 900mm
    • Choose between a large range of surfaces in veneer, laminate or linoleum (White Laminate, Black Linoleoum & Walnut Veneer)
    • Electrical height adjustments ( 650 mm – 1300mm )
    • Frame: Round legs
    • Frame Color: Silver Aluminium
    • Included Accessories: Swing Pen Tray, Portholes, Cable Management Tray, Cable Spine.
    • Made in Denmark | 7 Years Warranty
  • Color Charts

    Color Charts

    • Table Top Surfaces:


    • Round Legs: Silver Aluminium
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