HÅG H09 – Inspiration 9220 X

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  • Description

    HÅG H09 Inspiration has a light and desirable expression. When you sit down, you notice how the transparent textile provides freedom of movement while the chair remains rock solid. The chair’s back is available in dark and light versions. HÅG H09 Inspiration is also available as an exclusive and first class chair for the meeting room. To create more space around the table, the models can be delivered with standard armrests and a smaller footbase. HÅG H09 Inspiration 9220 has a medium back. The chair features HÅG’s BalancedMovementMechanism and adjustable seat height and seat depth. An adjustable lumbar cushion provides extra comfort and optimal support. Tilt resistance is adjustable and lockable. HÅG H09 is delivered with multi-functional TiltDown™ armrests in black leather as standard. The footbase/gas lift is available in matte black or polished aluminium. HÅG H09 Inspiration 9220 is delivered with a mesh back in Space or Lumina. The seat is available in Antigo Soft leather, Shimmer or in elegant wool satin fabric Note.

  • Specifications


    Seat height 150 mm gas lift [1] 390-530*
    Seat height 200 mm gas lift [1] 460-640
    Seat height 265 mm gas lift [1]
    Back height [2] 790
    Height of foremost support point on back pad [3] 170-265
    Height of foremost support point on headrest [4] 625-775
     Seat depth [5] 395-515
     Height of armrests [6] 200-280
     Seat width [7]  480
     Maximum chair width [8] 670
     Footbase diameter [9] 740
     Weight 20.0 kg
  • Accessories


    • Footbase with sloping footplates in polished aluminium
    • Reduction for HÅG H09 Basic armrests (instead of HÅG H09 TiltdownTM armrests)
    • 200 mm lift with black or polished lift cover