HÅG H09 – Tribute 9031

  • Description

    Due to the diversity of the individual functions, this chair will meet your every need. HÅG H09 Inspiration has “The new deluxe task chair”.


    HÅG Tribute is our most comfortable deluxe task chair to date. Generously padded and wider, yet visually sleek. Combining timeless design and enduring quality, HÅG Tribute is highly sustainable – a belief we´ve always promoted at HÅG. It also includes everything we’ve ever discovered about balanced sitting and lasting comfort. This is a plush and prominent piece of furniture that isn’t made just to support you, it’s made to move you too.



    HÅG H09 Tribute has a high back and an adjustable headrest. The chair features HÅG’s BalancedMovementMechanism and adjustable seat height and seat depth. An adjustable lumbar cushion provides extra comfort and optimal support. Tilt resistance is adjustable and lockable. HÅG H09 is delivered with multi-functional TiltDown™ armrests in black leather as standard. The footbase/gas lift is available in matte black or polished aluminium.


    HÅG H09 Tribute is also available as an exclusive and first class chair for the meeting room. To create more space around the table, the models can be delivered with standard armrests and a smaller footbase.

    Why Choose HÅG Tribute?

    When you sit, your body is more relaxed, but your brain remains fully engaged. Yet sitting has been criticised recently as being bad for us. And if you’ve ever sat for many hours on a long haul flight, you may well agree. But it’s important to realise that it’s not necessarily sitting that causes us problems, but being still for too long. Find out how the heart of every HÅG Chair combats this issue head-on, with our HÅG in Balance technology. [Watch the full video]






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    HALLNING - Tribute

    HALLNING - Tribute Meeting Grey



  • Specification & Features

    Specification & Features


    • HÅG in Balance® (balanced, flowing tilt function backwards and forwards)
    • Adjustable forwards and backward stilting resistance
    • Seat height adjustment
    • Seat depth adjustment
    • Adjustable Armrest (Width, Height)
    • NEW Mechanism for the Adjustable lumbar support
    • Adjustable headrest on model 9231
    • Tilt lockable in three positions
    • HÅG TiltDown™ armrests (tilt down, height and width) with leather top
    • Leather; Exclusive Analine Paloma Leather
    • Made in Norway | 10 Years Warranty

    • Colors: Contact us for Color Swatches.

  • User Guide Video

    User Guide Video