MOLL Flexlight

  • Description

    Maximum flexibility
    Flexlight adapts perfectly to any work situation: Thanks to its gooseneck and ball-and-socket joint in the clamp foot, the lamp head and arm can be brought into any position.

    Dimmable light
    A sensor switch allows you to dim the light from 100% to 5%.

    Change the color as desired
    The smart switch not only switches the light on and off, but also changes the color at the touch of a button. It has a colored back light even when the light is switched off. Therefore the Flexlight is also suitable as a night light (this function can also be deactivated if required).

    The LED light is particularly economical
    Saves 85% of the electricity used by a 60 watt bulb.

    Brilliant additional functions:

    • A USB charging station is attached to the bottom of the light arm that can be used to charge a mobile phone, MP3-player and other electronic devices.
    • The clamp mount keeps the Flexlight safely in position without taking up much space itself – even when the desktop is tilted. (For panel thicknesses from 13 to 23 mm)

    Technical details:

    • Illuminant: LED
    • Light color: warm white
    • Luminous flux: 690 lm
    • Nominal luminous flux: 690 lm
    • Rated Power: 10W
    • Power supply: 5V, DC(direct current)
    • Protection class: IP 20
    • Light head: 15 x 5 x 1,6 cm
    • Rated service life: 25.000 h
    • Nominal life time: 25.000 h
    • Color temperature: 3500 K
    • Warm-up time: Instant full light
    • Light control: built-in dimming function
    • Electric perfomance factor: 0,57
    • Lamp lumen maintenance > 0,8 for 6.000 h
    • Connector power: 220-240V, max. 2A/5V
    • Color reflection index RA = 80
    • Color consistency —> McAdams Ellipse
    • Spectral light distribution
    • Cycles of Operation

    Dimensions: 62 x 5,5 x 42 cm