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    Moll Joker Children Desk
    the easy starter model

    The Joker desk system is our trump card. It is captivating for its reduction to classic moll details but does not compromise in design, quality and function. The love of detail, of the product and the workmanship can be seen at first sight. Focusing on what’s important — without skimping on ergonomics — it offers everything a child’s desk should, and even grows with the child.



    The Moll Joker Makes Learning Easy

    From preschool to elementary and beyond — Joker grows along with them. Because back-friendly posture is important, Joker can be set to the child’s exact body size. 

    The Joker offers the Classic height adjustment in 10 steps with a proven hook fitting This version allow an adjustment range of 53 – 82 cm.

    The desk height is right when the seated child’s forearms lie on the desktop at a right angle to the upper arms.

    The Table-top inclination – Simple and useful

    The desktop can be adjusted at an angle to let children choose the most relaxed seating position for activities like writing, drawing or reading. For children, the viewing distance between the eyes and paper is smaller than for grownups — this means the paper must be closer to the eyes and not the other way around. And kids unconsciously do it right. For this reason, the desktop on Joker can be set from 0 to 30 degrees — and it’s so easy a child can do it.



    Design according to the child’s wishes

    HALLNING - MOLL JOKER INTERCHANGEABLE COLORBecause kids are usually very clear about what they do and don’t like, the Joker has decorative elements in six colors. They can be changed to the child’s current favorite color at any time. 

    Child safety is particularly important to us. With its rounded corners, the Joker is designed to ensure the safety of its users. Child friendly and safe, the Joker is the ideal companion in the children’s room. First-class partners for first-class design

    Get to know the Joker Desk?

    Watch to know more about the Joker Desk! [Watch the full video]

    Why Choose MOLL DESK?

    Watch how the Moll Children Ergonomic Desk can grow with your children and help them achieving a correct sitting position, better concentration and better performance in your everyday life. [Watch the full video]

  • What do you get?

    What do you get?


    What do you get?

    It is the small details that show the Joker is a true moll product. Joker includes a lot of extras: There is the practical bag hook, a slide lock and the transparent book supports that also serves as a ruler and magnifying glass — books and other items stay in place on a slanted desktop.


  • Feature & Specifications

    Feature & Specifications


    Width 113 cm
    Depth 67 cm
    Height 53-82 cm
    Weight 36 kg

    Comment: The adjusting dimension amounts to 116cm x 68cm. The adjusting dimension specify how much space you actually need for the complete desk.

    Accessories included:

    Book holder foldable
    Anti-slip feature translucent
    bag hook

    Special features:

    Classic leg frame
    Complete table width inclinable

    Made in Germany | 5 Years Warranty

    • Colors: Contact us for Color Swatches.

  • User Guide Video

    User Guide Video

    Height Adjustment 

    Tilting Adjustment

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