MOLL Mobilight

  • Description

    Individual illumination
    Clever swivel joints and a 90° reflector provide the optimum illumination of the working area.

    Low-energy illuminant
    The 11 W low-energy illuminant has the strength of a 75 W bulb. The ballast is integrated in the light.

    Mobile clamp mount
    With the clever clamp feet is it really easy to mount the light on the desk top with just one grip and move it wherever the light is needed (for panel thicknesses from 13 to 23 mm).

    Suitable for left- and right- handed users
    Mobilight is easy to fit for right- or left- handed users. This prevents a shadow being thrown by the user’s arm.

    Seven colors included
    Handle and reflector trims are included in seven colors.

    Technical details:

    • Color temperature: 4000 K
    • Warm up time: <1 s
    • Light control: not dimmable
    • Rated light flux: 900 lm
    • Nominal luminous flux: 900 lm
    • Rated Power: 11 W
    • Rated service life: 10,000 h
    • Nominal life time: 10,000 h
    • Electric perfomance factor 0,51
    • Color reflection index RA = 80…89
    • Lamp lumen maintenance > 0,77 for 6.000 h
    • Mercury content 1,4 mg
    • Spectral light distribution
    • Cycles of Operation

    Dimensions: 60 x 6 x 41 cm