Nano Hub

  • Description


    Cozy, Unique & Functional for both Collaboration and Privacy.

    It’s perfect for a collaboration area, open meeting area, or any other bustling social places where the atmosphere is dynamic. The Nano Hub also acts as a divider where people can happily take calls or chat privately.

    The Nano Hub design is more about simplicity and functionality. The Nano Hub has sound insulation on the wings of the sofa, giving more privacy to the user. They can talk here freely to each other or on a phone rather than having to go to private spaces like an empty meeting room or a hidden hallway. The sofa also accommodates two armrests at the end of both sides, giving it an open feel rather than than a closed & bulky feel.


    Mix and Match qith unique color choices.

    You can mix and match colors to your own preference in creating a more dynamic and fun environment. You can choose different colors from the seat, front shell, even back shell. You can also choose different fabrications such as; Cashmere Fabric or Standard Fabric

    Features & Specifications:

    • Mix Match Fabrication (Outer Shell, Inner Shell, Seat)
    • Fabrication in Cashmere
    • 3 Seater (Fits for 4 people)
    • Armrest at each end
    • Sound insulated
    • Dimension: 1900 x 700 x 1300 mm