SwissAire Ergo-Contour Mattress

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    What is Ergonomic Mattress? What is the difference between Traditional Mattresses and our Ergonomic Mattresses? [Watch Here] 


    Introducing you to

    SwissAire | Ergo-Contour

    SwissAire Ergo-Contour combines balance and harmony for the highest possible comfort level. Focus relief for the shoulder area while at the same time supporting the body in all of the essential places across the entire sleep surface.


    Why Ergo-Contour? [Learn More]


    Lifestyle (General)

    • Tennis Player

    • Badminton Player

    • Cyclist

    • PMEBs (Trades, Bankers)



    General Concerns

    • Hip & Back pain

    • Upper limbs numbness

    Pressure Mapping:

    Targeted Areas:

    • Middle Back to Neck & Lower Back (L3-L5) to Hip 


    • ViscoPore luxurious care for Cervical & Thoractic vertebral

    • EvoPore HRC lumbar care for optimum support for L1-L5

    • Triple layer body contour cuts for a strong anatomic postural support

    • Natural Lavender & Alpine herbs infuse contour layer

    • Certified Oeko Tex Class 1 (Safe for Baby)

    Made in Switzerland | 10 years guarantee

    SwissAire quality-data


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    Technical Video