SwissAire Ergo-Swiss Mattress

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    What is Ergonomic Mattress? What is the difference between Traditional Mattresses and our Ergonomic Mattresses? [Watch Here] 


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    SwissAire | Ergo-Swiss

    SwissAire Ergo-Swiss, The Epitome of the finest sleep ergonomic precision. A sensual luxury, offering a haven of sweet dreams and deep, restorative sleep.


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    Lifestyle (General)

    • Jetsetters

    • Professional Golfer

    • User with various back pains


    SWISSAIRE_PresentationGeneral Concerns

    • Thoraric fatigue

    • Sciatic nerve problem

    • Cold limbs / poor blood circulation

    • Numbness / Tingling sensation

    Pressure Mapping:

    Targeted Areas:

    • All Areas, Full solutions with Lumbar


    • AireGel comfort layer an exceptional and unique floating sensation achieving excellent pressure relief

    • ViscoPore sensing layer for enhancing adaption

    • Dynamic, progressive core design, All inserts and inlays are ergonomically design with anatomic profiles cutting

    • Certified Oeko – tex class 1 ( Safe for Baby)

    Made in Switzerland | 10 years guarantee

    SwissAire quality-data


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    Technical Video