Give Millenials Ergonomic Office Chair, They’ll Stay.

With millennials now comprising over 65 percent of the workforce, offices are being designed to adapt to their changing attitudes. Working environments are being arranged to become more flexible and invite collaborations. Companies are investing in ergonomically-designed chairs and tables that…

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Is Sitting In Your Office Really That Bad?

What is YOUR total sedentary time on an average workday? Sedentary time includes sitting, reclining, and lying down outside of your nighttime/bedtime sleep, so this includes breakfast, commute, work, lunch, commute, dinner, and evening activities. Go ahead, add it up…

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Improve Your Workstation Ergonomics

DO YOU KNOW that poor ergonomic practices can lead to lower productivity and in extreme cases physical injury, which is obviously bad for business. A safe and healthy work environment is a productive work environment. All enterprises, regardless of their…

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Office Ergonomic Myths, Which One You Believe?

Everything you knew about the right way to sit and work is wrong. All those furnitures, specially designed backrests — tried them all but nothing seems to ease that backache? You might have been misled by outdated ergonomics guidelines. New… Read More

Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Its crazy to think that just a few minor adjustments in your life can make a massive difference to your overall well being and productivity during your working day. Spending hours of doing the same routine all over again might… Read More