56% of people with sedentary jobs suffer with neck and back pain…


A study on the habits of people with sedentary office job, conducted by Scandinavian Business Seating, shows that as many as 56% of those who have sedentary jobs have problems with pain, particularly in the back, neck and shoulders.

Research shows that regular movement during the day, also while sitting is the key to a good working situation and to avoid pain. The study clearly shows that very few have knowledge of how you can avoid physical problems in sedentary office jobs.

Furthermore every other person pauses rarely or only a few times a day, despite the fact that people on average spend more than 6 hours a day sitting still at their desk. And although many, especially in the Nordic countries, have access to height-adjustable table, there are few who use the opportunity to occasionally stand up and work.

The study also shows that 3 out of 4 of those with sedentary office job experience that the discomfort in shoulders; back and neck disappear when they go on holiday.

Other interesting findings from the study:

As many as one out of four office employees no longer have their own workplace in the office.
People with sedentary office jobs are exercising less frequently than average.
Every 5th workplace rarely have common coffee breaks
40% of Europeans are eating lunch at their desk several days a week
Scandinavian Business Seating has in consultation with ergonomists and physical therapists developed five simple tips on how to improve health and reduce work related pain for those with sedentary jobs:

1. Read the instructions for your chair and learn how to adjust it

2. Unlock the tilting function

3. Make sure your chair helps you to sit upright

4. Do not sit still!

5. Get up and move at least once every hour

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