What Will Happen When You Sit the Whole Day And How To Prevent?


Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat. Think about it, we sit on our way to work. We sit on our office chairs from 9-5. We sit on our couches and Netflix binge until we fall asleep. It’s crucial to comprehend on how seriously this behaviour can affect. The threat is real and significant.

Risk of Obesity is High

Countless studies show time and time again that being physically inactive leads to a whole list of health problems that will kill you. Being physically inactive comes in fourth as a leading risk factor for death.

Sitting Too Long Can Increase The Chances of Cancerimage004

Sitting increases your risk of getting cancer in a very big way. Many cases that lead to cancer mostly due t
o inactivity, this means people that tend to less move in their daily life get higher chance of cancer. Researchers, such as Dr. Christine Friedenreich, PhD, the leading epidemiologist at Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care who presented at the AICR conference, reported research results that physical activity may actually reduce inflammation linked to increased cancer risk.

The good news, you can prevent the risk of getting cancer by taking a break from sitting every single hour, try on taking a couple of minutes to walk around, stretch or anything to reduce the time on sitting too long.

The Chair You’ve Been Sitting Also Be Part of Risking Your Life!

For diabetes, the risk increased by 20% for people that watched TV more than two hours a day. People with lower activity (which means tend to sit more rather than move around) from over 10,000 steps a day to less than 5,000 steps a day, physical changes in the body directly increase that person’s risk of type 2 diabetes.


Work While Standing & Invest on Ergonomic Chair

dailycancerSeen from the graph above, Joe’s risk of getting cancer is the least. Why? If we look at the graph closely, Joe has the habit of not sitting the whole day even when he’s at work.

Start on investing an ergonomic chair instead of regular chair to prevent back pain & adjustable desk to encourage you to work while standing! By working with an adjustable desk may help user to be more productive. By working while standing and move around a lot during work is believed to burn more calories. Without us realizing it, working while standing can burn 50 more calories rather than sitting per hour!




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