Are You Sitting In Your Desk Chair the Wrong Way? || Back Pain Issue.

You’ve probably heard the term “ergonomic chair.” This type of seat can improve your comfort when you are seated at your desk. More importantly, it helps maintain the health of your back. However, your chair can be the best model available, but if you aren’t sitting in it properly, no amount of ergonomically correct design will help keep back pain away.

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Your job can leave you susceptible to back pain, even if you think your occupation is a safe zone. Whether it’s the work itself or how you position yourself at your job, the side effects of working the same way every day could put your back health in jeopardy. Back pain is a miserable condition to suffer. Spinal disc therapy or spinal decompression provide great relief for spinal pain sufferers.

For people who suffer with back pain, the affliction can feel like a lifelong sentence. Painkillers only mask the agony and can lead to a dependence on medication. Functional medicine focuses on finding the exact source of pain so that spinal disc problems can be managed at their core.

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The location of and reasons for back pain differ from person to person. The problem comes when a patient is treated only for pain and nothing is done to reverse, stop, or minimize the actual cause of the problem.

3 Top Jobs That Causes Back Pain

1. Desk Jobs

Office jobs are automatically a hazard for back health. Sitting at a desk all day creates an unhealthy level of inactivity. Are you taking breaks regularly, stretching, and maintaining good posture? If you’re constantly working on a computer, you risk back pain from the way you’re positioned in front of your machine, how the screen is situated, or how far away the keyboard and mouse are. Holding your phone between ear and shoulder can also create back pain.

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2. Construction

Not only do construction workers risk back problems by lifting, pulling, carrying, twisting, and bending day in and day out, they are also in danger of suffering spinal injuries falling from a ladder or scaffold.

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3. Nursing

The medical profession in general is full of employees who risk back pain, particularly surgeons and dentists who stand for prolonged periods of time. But nurses, in particular, do a great deal of heavy lifting. Managing patients, whether in a nursing home or the labor and delivery ward, means helping people move around, transferring them from bed to bathroom, twisting in odd ways to ensure that the patient does not move in ways they shouldn’t. Nurses not only save lives, they risk their own spinal health and well-being every day.

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Best Practices for Sitting in a Desk Chair

There is a right way to sit in your desk chair and there are plenty of wrong ways. Sitting with your legs crossed or even just your feet crossed can put stress on your back and spine. Here are best practices for keeping back pain at bay while you’re sitting for hours and hours at your desk:

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  1. Push your hips back as far as they can go to allow the chair shape to support your back and shoulders.
  2. Sit up straight and do not slouch.
  3. Keep your shoulders back.
  4. Plant feet firmly on the floor in front of you, shoulder-width apart.
  5. Adjust chair height so knees are even with hips and feet stay flat.
  6. Consider a chair with a headrest to reduce neck and shoulder strain from time to time.
  7. If necessary, support your lower back with a pillow.

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After all, people with desk jobs spend nearly three-quarters of their work time sitting down. Any chair can be comfortable for a minute or two. Over time, however, you could punish your back by using the wrong desk chair. Time for you to really start on considering which is the best for your own health and good.

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