You Can Get Healthy Posture Since Young Age!


We all want our kids to grow up healthy. So we take them regularly to the Dentist and the Doctor. We feed them healthy, nutritious food and we make sure they exercise.

Start Shaping Good Body Posture Since Young Age

When we are born, our spines are a C-shape. Milestones and weight bearing create the S-shape we have as children and adults. When you look at your young child you will see they have good posture, they will sit up tall and will squat naturally to lift things. But posture is a habit! With the start of school and a more sedentary lifestyle your child will make changes to this habit. Some your child will consciously be aware of; slouching in class.

Some changes will be mainly involuntary; sitting still, carrying heavy bags and the wrong footwear. Ensuring children form good habits regarding their posture from an early age as they grow and develop is crucial for the future wellbeing of the next generation.

Causes of Poor Posture

  • School Bags

If a child is carrying a school bag it should weigh less than 5-10% of their body weight. It should be carried on both shoulders, with the straps adjusted correctly. Make sure the heavier items are at the back of the bag to help with the child centre of gravity.

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  • Decreased Exercise

With the ever increasing work load our kids seem to have one thing that can end up being sidelined is exercise and play. Weight-bearing activities such as running and jumping help stimulate blood flow. It also helps to build stronger healthier bones. Bones are constantly remodeling themselves, making themselves denser when we do heavier activities. It is important for bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis that we exercise when we are young.

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  • Sitting at school 

When we move, fresh blood and oxygen is pumped around our body, peristalsis is activated and the spinal fluid is stimulated, resulting in the release of positive hormones. When we sit for long periods of time, everything slows down. Our muscles don’t receive the oxygen and blood flow they need to stay healthy and relaxed. We start to create weaknesses in the elongated muscles (posterior chain) and postural changes follow.

Introducing you to the optimal workstation to keep your children’s posture healthy!

MOLL Desk & Chair


As they grow older, our desk could be adjusted higher to match your children’s height

The moll school writing  desk is an all-round talent which is designed to keep children company from the very day they start school through to their school-leaving exams and beyond, and in many families, it will be passed on from one generation to the next.

In another respect too, size plays an important role, as the space as perceived by a child grows as they grow. That’s why for the youngest children a small, easily-managed desk is ideal; documents and small utensils can be accommodated ready for immediate use in the drawers and pull-outs. For older children, the desk is simply enlarged and added to – our system offers numerous possibilities for this purpose“.

To encourage a healthy back, the patented desk legs are so conceived that they can be matched exactly to the child’s actual body size. In addition, all desk tops can be tilted. The mechanism is easy to operate and allows the tilt to be adjusted to match the current activity. Because for every activity, whether it is writing, reading or painting, there is really only one optimum setting to guarantee a relaxed posture.

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