Ergonomic Chair Is Boring? Try HAG Capisco & Feel the Difference!


Working everyday in the field where we have to spend great deal of time sitting in an office chair for over 8 hours every day can add stress to the structures in the spine. To avoid developing or compounding back problems, it’s important to have an office chair that’s ergonomic, that supports the lower back and that promotes good posture.

So what kind of chair that offer good benefit for body structure but it’s fun? Isn’t it boring to spend most of the time sitting on a dull office chair? If you are looking for an ergonomic chair for back pain relief or a seating style that will help prevent pain back and promote healthy sitting, try the Håg Capisco Puls.

HÅG Capisco 8106, HÅG Capisco Puls 8010
HÅG Capisco Puls proves that a good ergonomic chair is not always in a serious form, it can be fun. With HÅG Capisco, as they provide wheels under the chair for you to slide around the room! Created by Scandinavian seating experts ‘Hag’, it is one of the best ergonomic office chairs suitable for a range of professional, office and industry environments. This is proven to relieve stress and discomfort in the lumbar region, putting it amongst the top rated office chairs for back pain.

The Capisco Puls is specially developed to be used in active, modern environments. It allows easy transitions between sitting and standing, making it an ideal partner for an ergonomic office desk or a workplace with different level workstations. Its wide range of height settings all the way up to standing enables you to be dynamic yet still balanced. The seat depth, back height and recline can all be controlled by simple, easy to use levers without even having to leave the seat and the recline can either be set to freerocking or locked in position. The fun, quirky design comes with many customizable options including optional back rests and a large range of vibrant colours, making it one of the best ergonomic office chair solutions for any workplace.

HÅLLNING specializes in world’s best Ergonomic Workstations and solutions such as Office Chairs and Desk from Europe and Scandinavia, offering a wide range of design from children to adults. We boast function and quality in each of our products.

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