Give Millenials Ergonomic Office Chair, They’ll Stay.


With millennials now comprising over 65 percent of the workforce, offices are being designed to adapt to their changing attitudes. Working environments are being arranged to become more flexible and invite collaborations. Companies are investing in ergonomically-designed chairs and tables that support posture and prevent back problems and other occupational health risks, with the hope of decreasing turnover, boosting morale and improving output.

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HAG Capisco as your preference working chair in working space? Why not?

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Need more colors in your working space? Here’s HAG SoFi comes in various bright tones!

” Cool Working” is the latest marketing buzzword that defines today’s work mindset and habits. The term was coined in response to the millennial employee mindset that doesn’t recognize the relevance of long-term loyalty and climbing up the corporate ladder. This generation prefers balancing work and leisure to clocking overtime, and close-knit bonds with colleagues and bosses rather than bowing to hierarchy.

“Boomers and Gen-Xers were trained to be loyal.

The millennials are constantly looking for the best place to work,” 

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Cubicles where employees kept to themselves are now giving way to open environments where younger employees prefer to share knowledge and work in any space where it’s comfortable for them. Image result for ergonomic capisco coworking space

Surveys suggest that 53 percent of people work in collaboration. Millennials want freedom to choose. There is no designated desk. In paperless societies, you can work in many ways. People are more mobile. 

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On frame is rH Mereo, one of our most recommended for you who work in a long shift. 

Today’s workspaces should be arranged to enhance teamwork, improve focus and training and provide social areas where people can share ideas in a relaxed environment. Cool working spaces and station is about enhancing the productivity, giving employees a sense of purpose, creating a sense of belonging and adapting to the behavior of this young generation.

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Market nowadays slowly accepting ergonomic working stations, trying to adapt their way of working to be better. Customers are enthusiastic to live a better lifestyle, involving various ergonomic office chairs and adjustable standing desk for their daily working days.

By owning ergonomic working stations, it’s not about buying furniture but investing in equipment that brings out the best in people.

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