Give The Best Ergonomic Study Desk For Your Child


When it comes to your loved ones especially kids, you want to ensure that they will get the best one starting from clothes, gadgets, school matter until their study desk! A good study desk has to be sustainable, timeless and the most crucial point is made from high-quality materials.

Just like Moll Ergonomic Study Desk, designed and manufactured in Germany, it is the best option that offer various benefits for your loved ones; high-quality, sustainable, safe and stylish! They are ergonomic desks which specially designed to grow with your children. The purpose of designing a good ergonomic study desk is to promote good posture since young age!

Then what makes Moll different from the regular study desk? 


moll-gesundes-lernen-hoehenverstellung-kinderschreibtisch-jugendschreibtisch-champion-jojo-seite13Easy Height Adjustment 

From primary school until they graduate, only scholastic furniture that grows with children. It can help them sit in the ergonomically position during the important period of growth and development. (The ideal for users is ranging from 109cm – 200cm)

The yo-yo string which makes Moll Ergonomic Study Desk differ is easily adjust to the desired height by just pull the chord. It’s simple and easy, your kids do not have to get up, no trapping of fingers and no stress.


moll-people-champion-left-up-nussbaum-scooter15-weiss-ergonomischer-hoehenverstellbarer-kinderschreibtisch-jugendschreibtischTilt-able Desktop 

All Moll Ergonomic Study Desk can be tilted. The desktops are continuously adjustable up to 30°; adjusting them is child’s play, pulling on the handle under the desktop/drawer lowers it from any position.


Knee & Lower Leg Protection 

Designed for children and young adults, Moll furniture is extra safe. With its design, it comes up with rounder corners and edges, adaption in soft plastic and soft edges on the table tops for safer furniture.


Cable Duct moll-gesundes-lernen-richtige-abmessungen-champion-seite18

To make your room still looking neat and clean, Moll Desk provides a roomy storage on the back of the desk for storing cables and plugs. With this storage, it will ensure that your kids room will free from rope cable!

With its unique features and offer many extras, there’s one additional features, it’s the ergonomic chair specially designed for kids called the Maximo by Moll. Not only to have a good ergonomic desk, Moll also want to promote sitting in a good way since toddlers. With its easily adjustable seat and backrest, Maximo is the perfect chair for accompanying children throughout their growth and development.


Your kids will sure love Moll Ergonomic Study Desk!

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