GUIDES: Create Healthy Home Office That Increases Productivity


Last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that nearly a quarter of people in the U.S. did at least some — if not all — of their work at home. As they spend more time in their home offices, homeowners have started to not only see, but feel the imbalance of form and function in their workspace.

“Balancing comfort, function and aesthetics is sometimes a challenge, and the client needs to consider the importance of each and prioritize them,” says Leslie Bisharat, owner of Techline Studio in Rancho Cordova, California.


Here’s three steps to designing a comfortable home office.

  • Light It Right

On frame : HAG SoFi Ergonomic Task Chairs

The average worker spends nine hours a day in front of a computer screen. Although we may assume brighter is better when it comes to productive workspaces, glare on monitors causes us to squint and strain our eyes even more. It is advise workers to direct light away from their line of sight.

This lighting plan includes natural light from the side windows and supplemental light from an adjustable desk lamp.

  • Combine the Right Furniture – Invest on A Good Ergonomic Chair

If you don’t have a budget for revamping your whole home office, starting with the chair. All three professionals suggest to discourage folks from merely buying something off the shelf or online without actually sitting in it for a while first.

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On frame : HAG Capisco

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On Frame : HAG H09

Even then, be sure that there’s a long enough warranty so that you can return or exchange the chair if aches and pains begin.

Each component of the chair should be adjustable. But don’t stop at adjustable. Make sure the lumbar support, armrests and seat height adjust to you and your body. “Movement is key,” says Jen MacKaben of Fully, an ergonomic furniture manufacturer in Portland, Oregon. MacKaben suggests a chair that moves 360 degrees and allows rocking and bouncing.

DubaB8 Adjustable Desk

The partner for an adjustable chair is a desk with flexible height. Fixed-height desks lead to a lot of back pain, the difference is felt almost instantly. Standing desks are all the rage in downtown offices these days. Experts from furniture manufacturers such as MacKaben are seeing a lot of employees nowadays in America are getting so hooked on the trend that they’re investing in one for their home.

This photo proves that you can have a sit-stand desk. This desk can be lifted to become a standing desk (as shown) or dropped down to accommodate a sitting position. The monitor tilts, and the stool is adjustable for sitting or perching.

Last remarks, personalizing your workspace could be a great first step in designing a comfortable home office. No matter where you start, you should continue to address other areas of the room to eventually end up with an ergonomically efficient and thoughtfully decorated space.

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