HAG Capisco Office Chair Review : Stylish and Ergonomic

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How much time do you spend at home e-mailing, searching, social networking? And where do you sit while you’re doing so?

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If you’re an “average” internet user the answers will be more than 13 hours per week, and on the sofa or at the dining table, according to a recent British survey.

As era is now changing, people switch their way of working. Some tend to work in anywhere, either the office, home or cafes – wherever their laptops are, then that’s where they work. This gives a big question, spending hours with limited awareness of the importance of posture can become a concern : neck stiffness, misaligned joints and chronic back pain being just the start.

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The trouble is that “work chair” conjures up visions of ugly office furniture that we wouldn’t dream of giving house-room to. But there are alternatives – chairs that look every bit as good as the good they do – and it’s from the design-obsessed Scandinavia that many of the best come.

These highly engineered chairs may not be the cheapest seating around – but think of all that money you won’t have to spend on massages and physiotherapy.

Introduced 25 years ago by the Norway-based HAG, Capisco

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It is on the way to becoming as much of a design classic as the aluminium-framed, leather-padded office chair that Charles and Ray Eames designed for Herman Miller well over half a century ago. The Eames chair looked radical for its time – and so does Capisco today.

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Its designer, Peter Opsvik, took his inspiration from the first long-term sitters, horse riders, noting their balanced sitting position and good posture. Capisco’s cutaway, saddle-shaped seat pad is the result. The hammer-head shape of the seat back is based on a similar logic.

One of our most favorite and top recommended, the uniqueness of HAG Capisco is there are no sharp corners and hard edges, a lot of material has been taken away, the arm rests are incorporated into the back.

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That means you can sit in it in many different ways – sideways, even backwards. As humans we naturally like to move into a variety of positions when we sit.

The look of the chair divides opinion in much the same way as opera – love it or loathe it – but Westberg says that the fact it looks so different has had a profound influence on its success, with 1.3 million pieces sold so far. What’s remarkable about the design is that, even after so many years, people are still seeing it for the first time and are still amazed by how new and radical it looks.

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