HAG Futu Chair : Our Favorite Elegant & Timeless Chair

Photo: Per Gunnarsson
Location: Masteskurene
Fabric: FutuKnit, green
Table:RBM Connect

Futu Chair – meet the elegant classic ergonomic chair

If you are fed up of multiple controls and levers to pull and push, then this could be the chair for you. A minimalist, timeless elegant ergonomic task chair that will make your day easier.

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At the core of the chair, HAG debuts its new inBalance mechanism – a unique technology that allows you to adjust the tilt resistance with extreme ease according to individual needs and the latest ergonomic principles.

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Seat depth adjustment is tackled in a different way to other office chairs, instead of the seat moving, the innovative design allows the chair back to move in and out so you get perfect leg length adjustment. As you move the back to suit your needs the inBalance controller compensates and adjusts the chair’s tilt tension automatically at the same time to ensure your body is supported naturally and properly.

It is simple, easy to use and just as well suited to large office landscapes as to individual offices.


Environmental Friendly

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The chair’s name Futu is short for Future, and the designers of the Futu had a specific goal in mind – to minimize the use of energy and raw materials in making the chair.

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Every component has been engineered to optimize use of the material.HAG has tried to make Futu the most environmentally friendly chair on the market. include:

  • 97% recyclable
  • More than 50% of the raw materials used have previously been recycled
  • There is no foam in the backrest
  • No chrome, non-recyclable composites or glue are used in the production process
  • Designed for extremely easy disassembly into clean, recyclable materials
  • GREENGUARD Certified
  • Environmental Product Declaration in accordance with EN-ISO-14025
  • Environmental Award from Norwegian Design Council


You can have this ergonomic task chair by just one call away, contact us anytime – we are ready to assist you!

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