HAG H09 : Our Favorite Easy-to-use Luxury Ergonomic Task Chair

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The HAG H09 is one of the best chairs in the market, and that’s a big statement. This ergonomic task chair has a clever ergonomics evenly distributes body weight to help promote good blood circulation. It has incredible, firm support, a brilliant mechanism that encourages movement, an equally brilliant flip-down armrest design, and great aesthetics.  It comes either with a mesh or a channel stitched leather back.

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The H09 has its own unique mechanism, referred to as the Balanced Movement Mechanism, which allows you to set the range in which you are comfortable moving, either more upright toward the desk or more reclined. Another thoughtful aspect of the design is that when the limits of the range are reached, the chair softly brakes your movement so you never feel a hard stop.

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HO9 Inspiration

The HAG H09 Inspiration ergonomic office chair is a modern chair that has an almost transparent look because of the unique textile in the back and it acts as visual ventilation in the room where it is placed.

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The H09 Inspiration – a beautifully styled mesh back chair looking every inch the executive office chair

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Its back mesh is offered in two finishes, Lumina a pale cream color or Space a black finish

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Gives an excellent air circulation when sitting, look truly elegant and are supremely comfortable in use. 

This is further enhanced by a really well designed lumbar support which adjusts vertically by means of the center spine support at the rear of the chair, allowing users to easily find the perfect position for comfortable back support.


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