Here’s a Good Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain!

Back pain is the most common problem experienced by individuals, especially for those that work daily for 8 hours and sit for a very long time. Without realization, you sit in bad position, ignoring the damage of your bone structure that will affect your health problems and injury in future. You’ll ignore the pain, claiming that it’s due to overwork which result your body’s muscle tensed but as time goes by, it can also impact to your activities. You should start on do something about it.

To work comfortably every day, you have to comprehend the importance of having a good ofice chair that will suit to your needs and wants. Whether you work from home or in office, choosing a good ergonomic office chair is good for your physical needs. By understanding ergonomic, it shows you the important of seating choice. The first priority to have a comfortable ergonomic office chair is on the back and neck support. With a comfortable chair, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of benefits that come from these amazing seats.

Photo: Per Gunnarsson

Benefit of Ergonomic Office Chair

Owning a good ergonomic office chair will give you instant satisfaction and range of advantages over regular chair.

  1.  Comfort – the pro of having good ergonomic chair is to keep yourself comfortable while you work.
  2. Productivity – do you know that by using ergonomic chair, it shows that you’ll be able to produce work more efficiently and increase productivity contrast to regular chair.
  3. Reduces Pain – a good ergonomic chair will offer a designated headrest and also to support your neck. Through this supports, you’re significantly reducing the strain on your spine. Also these chairs are specifically designed to support your back without you worrying back pain; preventing further stress.

Introducing You To RH Mereo


The success of the RH Mereo is bringing ergonomics back into the office, founded on the two principles of upright posture and active sitting. Designed to place the user into a correct sitting position, the chair will maintain this posture and back support, whilst allowing the user freedom of movement.

  1. rh_mereo_220_closeppt Sculptured Seat – the seat of the RH Mereo 220 is designed to merge with you giving excellent support, especially for the pelvis. With this innovative office chair you sit in the chair, not on it.
  2. Seat Controls and Adjustments – Seven turns is all it takes to change the chair from being suitable for a 40 KG person to a 150 KG person. Intuitive and logically designed controls, looking at them you see what they do, sitting in the chair you feel what they do.
  3. Contoured Backrest – the RH Mereo 220 has a high backrest to give support for the upper back and shoulders. The backrest narrows towards the top and has little inward curvature which encourages the user to keep the shoulders ‘open’ and in contact with the back.
  4. Chair Back Height & Lumbar Support – Excellent support for the entire back in an upright sitting position.
  5. Neck Rest – The RH Mereo 220 has an easily adjustable, slim and functional neck rest.

You deserve a good qualified ergonomic chair. These chairs are perhaps the most crucial workplace tool for you to stay in good health. Don’t just look at the ergonomic chair, a good ergonomic chair is waiting for you to experience it. Get the instant benefits of its design and notice a vast improvement in your health and productivity.

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