Here’s a Quick Way to Get Scandinavian Look For Your Home Ergonomic Office Room

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Scandinavian Design is the perfect style to choose if you are looking to create a home that comes with light colour scheme and minimalist design without going the expensive way of the modern and contemporary styles. With Scandinavian home office designs and concept, it is a great way to boost your productivity by renovating the room with light colour scheme.


#1 Rule : Whiteness 

The most essential rule in Scandinavian Style is everything has to be white; starting from the walls, ceilings until the floor has to primarily white. By using white colour, it is a great choice for working environments. Add color to liven things up, the contrasting combinations for the main white colour are generally blue or green which is the best productive colours for home office (adding a fresh pop of colour!)


#2 Rule : Get Some Light! 

Lighting is the second essential component when it comes to Scandinavian style. Due to the weather in its country often gloomy and more likely dark, to combat the long winter nights, the design of the room are more likely to create as many windows as possible to build lots of lights to illuminate rooms as much as possible. Another plus point by investing on plenty large windows, it saves electric lighting.


#3 Rule : Live Plants All Over The Room 

The role of fresh plants and botanicals are as well crucial. To beautify a room, live plants play a role in well-being. Plants have a positive effect on our health and happiness and have even been shown to increase productivity and creativity. Whether you choose little or big plants; any size will add a positive impact vibes to your room!


#4 Rule : Gray Walls

The majority of Scandinavian design trends are white and gray as the wall colour of choice. It offers the same monochromatic appeal, but with a softer approach. By these colour tones, homeowners will have bright and bold accent colours to play off the neutral tones of the walls & floors.


#5 Rule : Livable Space

Scandinavians like their homes to be alive and fully functionaly. By placing functional furnitures, it is not only just to look pretty, each of them also offer mutiple functionality features. This produces a truly minimalist look. When you embrace the ‘less is more’ approach to design you have to make sure everything counts and is functional first.

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