How To Make Your Office More Ergonomic


Absenteeism is a massive impost on businesses. A recent survey has found that workers are, on average, away from work for about 9.5 days per year. With the average work week nudging towards 41 hours per week, many of us are spending a lot of time at work in potentially unhealthy positions. That’s bad for business but, more importantly, bad for all of us.

While the reasons for absences are varied, at least some of those absences can be explained by conditions created by our workplaces. Poor ergonomics, one-size-fits-all office furniture that’s chosen for form over function and equipment that’s purchased on price rather than usability all contribute.

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Bad posture position

On making an ergonomic office, it’s possible to create a workplace that fosters collaboration. And it’s possible to do that without spending too much money.

One of the example is to work while standing. Instead of just sitting on your office chair, why not stand up and do all the work loads – this also will benefit on your productivity. Creating different work zones people can move between rather than expecting them to make a choice they are stuck with for ever. By creating a unique co-working space, workers can go to a different area; get more inspiration and ideas for an hour or two, to get the blood flowing and to give the body a break instead of working in a cubicle area.

Furniture is not only functional, but smart

Google meeting rooms

HAG Capisco Chair in Google Office Singapore

Designed in collaboration with the nature of such a business, Google regularly receives feedback from 15 design champions who are representatives from different departments on how their respective teams are evolving.

Another concept new to Google is the brainstorm room. Recalling school days of yore, the rooms are fitted with movable white and cork boards for employees to gather, stand, sit or move about as they showcase their ideas. The green Capisco chairs from HÅG are designed so you can sit backwards and roll yourself over to other boards.

Google will re-assess the need for these rooms periodically so that they form the optimal space needed for employees to think differently. Some kampungs are also fitted with kitchen tables so employees can gravitate and stand around, suggesting a more collaborative mood as opposed to standard meeting tables where you sit. Different heights of chairs are also used, while timber is an easy favourite in place of white.

Other Factors To Keep You Productive

There are lots of things you can do in the office to encourage movement and create a healthier office envionrment. For example, you can think about printer placement, where you put kitchen facilities, introduce healthy snacks and remove sugary snacks from vending machines.

When it comes to fitting out a new workspace, you need to think about they style of work you’re doing and the style of collaboration you’re trying to create. You need to make spaces that let that happen. That means designing different meeting spaces, for example, that support short meetings and other spaces for longer meetings. The spaces need to be designed around activities and not simply how many people you’re trying to fit into a space.

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