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DO YOU KNOW that poor ergonomic practices can lead to lower productivity and in extreme cases physical injury, which is obviously bad for business.

A safe and healthy work environment is a productive work environment. All enterprises, regardless of their size or the nature of their business, should strive to create an ergonomically sound workspace for all employees—it’s simply a beneficial impact for business.

However, no matter how well an enterprise designs a workspace, it is the responsibility of each employee to make sure they are using good ergonomics at their own workstation. All the fancy chairs, desks, and equipment in the world is not going to help an employee who slouches or slumps awkwardly at their desk.

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Here are several ways to create a healthy, productive, and ergonomic working environment.

Good working posture

Whether employees are working on the factory floor or in the corporate office, the number one ergonomic priority is establishing a good working posture at their workstation. They should be able to sit or stand in a neutral body position with a relaxed posture that requires no stressful angles or excessive reaching to complete tasks.

Office workers should sit with hands, wrists, and forearms that are straight, inline, and parallel to the floor. The head should be level, facing forward with no turn to the left or right, and generally be in line with the torso.

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Standing at the workstation is also recommended and potentially ergonomically sound, assuming employees stand straight and their arms and wrists remain in the neutral position. Standing is a good counterpoint to sitting for long periods.

Adjustable chairs and desks

To encourage good posture and the neutral body position, enterprises should purchase high-quality adjustable chairs, furniture, and equipment. The more positions a chair and desk can adjust to, the more they can be tailored to the individual using them.

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Standing up and moving around

For office workers, this is perhaps the most important tip in the list—get up and move around. It is just that simple. Once an hour, workers should stand up and take a few minutes to walk down the hall, get a drink, look out the window, anything that gets them out of their chair.

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Employers and managers who discourage this ergonomic technique are flat out wrong-headed. Remember, a healthy work environment is a productive work environment.

Keyboard and mice position

While often ergonomic afterthoughts, the proper keyboard and mouse configuration is just as important as posture when it comes to neutral body positioning. If individuals are reaching for the mouse at a bad angle or have to violate the inline parallel rule for elbows and wrists, they are going to lose neutral positioning. Reaching for input devices can lead to excessive fatigue, and after lengthy exposure, injury.

Keyboards and mice should be placed where they can be accessed without breaking any of the neutral positioning rules. In addition, both devices should be tailored for the person using them. This may require adjustable devices or perhaps different devices for different users.

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