Is Sitting In Your Office Really That Bad?


What is YOUR total sedentary time on an average workday? Sedentary time includes sitting, reclining, and lying down outside of your nighttime/bedtime sleep, so this includes breakfast, commute, work, lunch, commute, dinner, and evening activities. Go ahead, add it up and learn what your total is!

It is likely that your total over the course of a typical workday will range between 6-12 hours, as I have discovered in numerous presentations I have given to trade associations.

Here’s the problem, according to a variety of research studies :

  • Within a couple of hours of sitting, your metabolism drops about 30 percent lower than walking. Plus, your good cholesterol plummets about 20 percent.
  • One day of sitting: 40 percent decrease in insulin function, which means your muscles aren’t taking in amino acids and fat. Additionally, your blood sugar levels go up, putting you at risk for weight gain.
  • Five days of sitting: There are enzymes – especially lipoprotein lipase – responsible for grabbing & breaking down fats and triglycerides from your bloodstream. When you sit, the muscles are relaxed, and this enzyme activity drops by 90 percent to 95 percent, resulting in increased blood plasma triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol) and lower HDL (good cholesterol). This is a recipe for cardiovascular disease.
  • One year of sitting 6+ hours per day:  Weight gain and high cholesterol. Up to 1 percent loss of bone mass per year for women.


Some people who’ve heard bits and pieces of media information about the dangers of sitting concluded that the answer must be for their employees to stand. So they went about raising employee desks and suddenly having people stand all day. Simply standing is not enough.

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In fact, standing a whole shift has many detrimental effects. It causes blood to pool in the legs (contributing to varicose veins) and a high degree of discomfort in the feet, legs, and low back. It also makes the heart work harder, which may be good for some and not for others.

Move More 

The researcher work outlined above has lead to the understanding that the key recommendation is for employees to move more! This is where sit and stand workstations come into play. A sit/stand workstation is one that alternates between sitting and standing positions. Each time you switch between sitting and standing, you’re getting closer to that goal!

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In addition, you’ll need to encourage your employees to walk during lunch, take walking meetings, walk to a co-workers desk to ask a question instead of emailing them, taking the stairs, and pacing while talking on the phone. Exercise has dramatic health benefits for the brain, muscles, bones, and heart — but will not make up for sedentary time.

Office Equipment to Encourage Movement 

There are many methods for achieving a sit/stand workstation. Research has shown that employees prefer adjustable workstations (ergonomic) over stationary ones, they have improved comfort and mood, they perform better, and have less pain and fewer injuries.

Designing and installing sit/stand workstations is not as straightforward and simple as you might think. There are numerous employee, furniture, and facility considerations. Be sure to have a third party professional ergonomics consultant work with may it in your architect, interior designer, or furniture vendor.

The best solution is from us, Hallning (used to be known as Ergoworld at past). The ergonomic working stations by Hallning are simple to deploy, user friendly and follow the body. Never let the chair define you, but you are the one who define the chair. Our chairs work well for many of our satisfied clients.

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Here’s more details about our ergonomic chairs.

Why A Good Ergonomic Chair Is A Key To A Healthy & Productive Work Life

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