Is Your Child Sitting Uncomfortably? Start Switching to Ergonomic Chair


A reminder that sitting all day reduces life expectancy, sitting is associated with an increased risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Just like smoking, we know it’s a bad habit but we can’t do anything much. 

We do know that our chairs basically can harm our health. For adults, they might save themselves from the danger of sitting to long by buying a good ergonomic chairs, an adjustable desk for them to work while standing; anything they can do to prevent sitting too long. However, there’s a large segment of the population that has less control over daily sitting habits: kids.


Have a child who keeps fidgeting when doing his/her homework at the dining table? Perhaps the table and chair are too high for them. Moll has set their brand to focus on children’s growth; it builds ergonomic desks, lamps and chair together to provide complete workstations for children and teenagers, growing with them from elementary school to graduation. One of their popular products is its ergonomic chairs called Maximo & Scooter. These ergonomic chairs make kids able to sit freely without having to worry getting back pain. 



Scooter 15 – The Design Chair For Kidsmoll-scooter-15-weiss-orange_ergonomischer-hoehenverstellbarer-kinderdrehstuhl-jugenddrehstuhl


Scooter 15 is made especially for kids. It adapts to individual physical proportions; seat height, seat depth and height adjustment of backrests can be adjusted separately on Scooter.
Asides of its functional, the chair comes up good looking and functional. The high quality of the mesh cover offers optimum comfort as well as the best breathability. The optional cushions make it individual and cosy.  Not forgetting, the angular frame is made of thick metal piping and the seat and backrest are made of fibreglass reinforced synthetics

Maximo 15 – Tried, Tested and Unique!moll-maximo-15-weiss-wonderland_ergonomischer-hoehenverstellbarer-kinderdrehstuhl-jugenddrehstuhl

The seat height, seat depth and backrest height are easily adjustable
. Not only Scooter 15 that offers backrest, Maximo 15 does also have backrest supports for spine, hips are flushed against the back of the seat. The wheels are smooth result the user able to move across the room. It could load up to 80kg.  

All of Moll Ergonomic Furniture Set are designed and manufactured from Germany. With a vision of to grow together with your child and supporting their posture since during education years, say goodbye to backache from the regular chairs. 


Everyone deserve a good ergonomic chair, this include you and your loved ones at home! 


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