It’s The Dream Office Chair – SoFi Mesh




Like the space they exist in, office chairs have traditionally been functional and utilitarian. Built for purpose not beauty, they’re the workhorses of the office, not the ornamentation.


But there is one manufacturer that takes aesthetics very seriously, especially when it comes to office furniture. HAG – the Scandinavian name behind the brand new SoFi mesh-back ergonomic task chair, is a market leader in ‘designer’ chairs.


There are feminine connotations when we talk of beauty, and the SoFi itself is every bit as feminine as it sounds. From the soft, muted glow of light diffusing through the innovative mesh back, to the way all of the moving parts have been encased in smooth, curvaceous bodywork – everything about this chair is rather easy on the eye.







Asides of its beauty, HAG is at the forefront of the ‘movement’ movement. In fact it’s one of their core design principles. David says: “Sitting is NOT the new smoking, and it certainly won’t kill you to sit in the SoFi chair. With recent research showing that you actually move more in the HAG SoFi compared to conventional sitting, standing and a synchro-mechanism chairs, I am starting to run out of reasons not to try one of these.


“Using their patented Balanced Movement Mechanism, you don’t alter the tension of the chair. You alter its liveliness. So if you like a chair that moves, then loosen it off a bit, if you like a firmer ride, then that’s OK. If you absolutely have to ‘lock it off’ then you can, but I still can’t understand why anyone would.”


Comfortable in various positions


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