MOLL – The Best Ergonomic Study Set That Grows With Your Child!



All parents want their children to become independent and competent adults in future. But children will only become independent as their environment permits them to be. They need their own privacy; a desk on their own work surfaces and chairs as much as adults do.


START investing on good furniture to enhance your children’s growth. The ergonomic solution has been implemented in few preschools and fewer homes, the adjustable furniture that’s made to last for years. All these ergonomics set can be extend and tighten to meet your kids needs. Choose the durable study ergonomic set surface that’s easy to clean. INTRODUCING you to Moll, the ergonomic study desk that grows with your child, specifically design from German to satisfy your loved ones needs and wants.






Say hello to Moll Chair Collection; Scooter 15 and Maximo 15. When sitting on a chair, the primary concern is for ergonomic sitting, which is the physiologically optimum position, one that is relaxed and therefore aids concentration while preventing postural damage, backache and headache.



Scooter 15



Maximo 15


The solution is leveled up their study desk to the needs of their growing body. The range of Moll desks are some of the best children’s desks in the world. They are designed to be functional and practical, without compromising at all on the comfort or ergonomics. Moll desks have tiltable top, easily adjust to match with your kids height.

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