Office Ergonomic Myths, Which One You Believe?

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Everything you knew about the right way to sit and work is wrong. All those furnitures, specially designed backrests — tried them all but nothing seems to ease that backache? You might have been misled by outdated ergonomics guidelines.

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New studies have revealed that what was deemed ideal before may not be the best for you. Here’s what’s been debunked, plus the revised rules on how to fine-tune your desk setup and work routine for healthier joints and a happier you!

1. Your computer monitor should be 18 to 24 inches away from your head

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This previously prescribed optimal working distance is unnecessarily close. The best distance according to new studies? “As far away as possible while still being able to read off your monitor clearly”, since that will put less strain on your eyes.


2. When seated, your legs should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees at the knee

It’s useless if you own an ergonomic chair but doesn’t use it at its best. The 90-degree knee posture, although not a harmful position, is not the best for your body. The legs should be free to move very often, and not stay fixed in any position. One rule remains true — the chair should, if possible, be adjusted low enough for the feet to rest on the floor.

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3. Sitting with the correct posture at your desk will ease strain

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There is no such thing as a correct posture. Instead, aim for plenty of posture changes. Sitting down for too long might kill you faster down the road, but standing while you work will give you a backache, too. Changing your posture every now and then gets fluid pumped back to the intervertebral discs so they can recover from the pressure put on them when locked into any given position for too long.

4. Take a work break every two hours or so

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That’s not enough for single-task work such as typing. Experts advise that we raise the frequency of our breaks to once every 10 minutes. Get up, do some stretches, dance, jump, wiggle – anything to break out of your sitting position – for about 30 seconds or so.

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