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RBM Noor

Meet a wide range of colourful chairs easily combinable with every purpose, room or environment. A collection with a Scandinavian identity and environmental thinking. RBM Noor is a contemporary classic that marks a new beginning. A collection of canteen and conference chairs adding vitality to working spaces and sociable places.

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RBM Noor is a vivid collection of comfortable chairs that creates good feelings by touch, seeing and sensing. Smooth surfaces with dynamic material meetings. A genially simple, light and happy design expression.

Enhancing the ambition of a room, creating the right vibrations, encouraging activities taking place, enlivening people and minds. Making it easy to be together.

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RBM Noor can contribute to any expression and impression – playful, cosy, creative, avant-garde, sophisticated, formal, executive, you name it! Designed to enhance your everyday relations, to vitalise any environment – conference rooms, canteens, auditoriums, reception areas, shops, galleries, schools, libraries, classrooms, rooms for teamwork, studies, small offices and home offices, anything for your spaces!

RBM Noor Up

Asides of its regular chair, Noor also launches their lounge chair called Noor Up!

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RBM Noor Up is a medium high sledgebase chair within the popular RBM Noor collection. RBM Noor Up has the same contemporary classic design as the other RBM Noor models. The characteristic Scandinavian identity, rich colours, functionality and high usability create stunning social areas.

RBM Noor Up is ideal for use in break-out areas, coffee bars and meeting areas in various environments, being in open offices, canteens, private homes and places where people meet to socialise and interact.

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You choose what model, materials and colours. Polypropelene seats come in five colours, 3D veneer seats in oak, beech or dark-stained ash. Upholstery is always an option. The tubular and sledge bases can be delivered in a number of paint colours and surfaces.

Check these lovely colorful collections of our living room chair only in Hallning showroom for Jakarta region!

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