RH Logic Chair : Our Favorite Most Recommended for Backpain

The Sleek rH Logic

rH Logic : Everything You Have To Know About It

Tested numerous few active seating chairs that claim to prevent backpain but none has worked? Our recommendation is rH Chairs – known for providing one of the best free-floating rocking mechanism.


Logic 300

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Logic 400

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The Logic 400/300 series is an award winning range that provides comfort, style and ergonomic support in one package. 

Image result for rh logic peopleThe rocking mechanism: RH build chairs around their signature two point principle: “Each chair has two unique points placed near the pivotal points on the body – the hips and knees. The chair follows your natural movements and your feet always remain on the floor .” A chair that moves is something that took me all of ten seconds to get used to. It is marvelous. Assisting you to be less tired, more alert, more comfortable and enjoy sitting on it.

Full spinal support: The RH Logic has an optional neck rest that provides full-time neck support – excellent for anyone with cervical issues. It also has an inflatable lumbar support that lets you adjust the back of the chair to mould against your lower back. The benefit of it as well affected breathing and to encourage a natural posture that opens up the airways, make it easier to cultivate healthy breathing habits.

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A recline option: An ingenous invention, the rH Logic allows you to balance in a supportive yet upright position. When there’s any cursor-based or reading heavy tasks, you can recline the backrest with a single level press, this allows the chair to move into a semi-reclined position, where gravity is no longer a froce that have to combat. And if you need to put your legs up, rolling closer to the desk and using a footrest becomes a comfortable and quick variation.

You can have this ergonomic task chair by just one call away, contact us anytime – we are ready to assist you!

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