Signs You Are Working In A Good Coworking Space!


Nowadays, we’re living in the era of the “solopreneur” in which independent workers are managing their own career and office environment. Today, a flexible work location is often more crucial than an impressive, personalized office called coworking.

Although it sounds similar to a regular office environment, a coworking space is generally shared by individuals from all different companies and organizations with different professions. That’s why companies especially for startup tend to choose coworking space.

Here are signs you are working in a good coworking space :

 onboard-wifiFree WiFi & Coffee 

For those who typically used to choose coffee shop with free Wi-Fi as their option to work for long hours, you sometimes may get the unpleasantly stare from the cafe workers for sitting the whole day, you no longer have to feel worry of it. A good coworking space will provide free wifi access to the members and free flow coffee. You can simply plug in your laptop at a space you feel comfortable and be productive without being interrupted. It’s a space for you to do what you need to do.

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 Weekly Networking 

A good coworking space will provide a weekly networking, introducing you to many individuals. The purpose of having weekly networking is to have another, it helps to have others nearby who you can toss some ideas at and see what their insight is. Coworking spaces are the best places to get in touch with creative people who can help steer you in the right direction.

sbs_medienhafen_webCommunity Events 

Most coworking spaces offer and host free events for members, this signify including guest speakers from the community. If you are often get invitation from your coworking space, you are in a good place!

These events are a great way to gain insight and knowledge, meet others like you and stay connected. For those who don’t typically meet others during the work day, these special events are great ways to finally speak up and have a conversation. You never know what a new business relationship can lead to until you make an effort.

Ergonomic Station

Photo: Per Gunnarsson Location: Masteskurene Fabric: FutuKnit, green Table:RBM Connect

A good coworking space will not be enough if there’s no ergonomic station. Although you are more flexible, not having an 8 hours sitting all day long, still, by having an ergonomic workstations in coworking space will help you to be more productive and reduce the risk of backpain. Don’t just stare at the ergonomic workstation, get the benefit of living ergonomic by sitting in the ergonomic chair and adjustable desk. Experience it by yourself!

Being a member at a coworking space is extremely beneficial for those seeking new business relationships, a productive atmosphere, unlimited human resources for fresh and innovative ideas, and a place to accomplish work while not feeling guilty.

Now, it’s your choice to choose what kind of coworking space suit you the best, you know one of it already that offer ergonomic station as well in one and only, Conclave Coworking in Jl. Wijaya and Menara Global.

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