Staying Happy & Healthy at Work in Ergonomic Working Station

Ergonomic Capisco Puls Chair

The impact of sitting too long to your body.


It’s a fact that sitting exceed than 6 hours will result 18% more likely to die from diabetes, heart disease and obesity than those sitting less than 3 hours. Not only it can damage your health but the effect of sitting too long will results many ache to parts of your body.

When you work through screen, unconsciously your neck position will look through the screen, looking down 45 degrees. This will make your neck strains and hurt.

Posturite Laptop Stand

To avoid this, upgrade your laptop with healthier approach to laptop and tablet, use the Posturite Slim Cool Laptop Stand – a stand to raise the screen.


Side view of a bored male office worker looking at notes on computer monitor at desk

Avoid sitting in hunch position

This kind of habit always appear without us realizing when we already sit in a very long time. Imagining yourself since the morning sipping cup of coffee on the same chair, move a bit to take your lunch box and stuck in front of your laptop until closing the screen at night. Then you’ll walk to your car and have to sit for another hour to arrive home. It’s time for you to concern more on your body, to appreciate your own body system!

Start on investing a decent ergonomic office chair to reduce sitting in bad position. If you only want to maintain your good body posture, a Capisco Puls Ergonomic Chair / SoFi Task Chair that will comfort you when you work. These chairs from HAG are all designed with Balance Movement Mechanism, allowing you to move freely while sitting on it, interesting isn’t it? If you already have backache, time to upgrade your office chair to rH Logic, the ergonomic office chair that specially designed for people that suffer from back pain!


Capisco Puls Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Capisco Puls Chair

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The Minimalist SoFi Task Chair

HÅG SoFi, RBM Noor Up 6090 - Health

It is proven that by going all ergonomic in your workspace, not only to help you work healthier but also results a major increase on being more productive in working space.

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