Teach Your Child to Love Learning: Keys to Kids’ Motivation


There are few things more aggravating to parents than a kid who “doesn’t try.” Whether it’s math homework, dance class or those guitar lessons they begged for but now never practice, we want our children to be eager learners who embrace effort, relish challenges and understand the value of persistence.

Too often, what we see instead is foot-dragging avoidance and whiny complaints of “This is boring!”


Finding the fun
Sometimes motivation is easy. When a task is fun and interesting, trying hard feels effortless. A child who loves basketball may endlessly practice free throws. When we can, it’s a good idea to muster intrinsic motivation by turning have-to-do learning tasks into fun-to-do activities.

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Being playful, using humor, letting kids explore, arousing their curiosity…these are all ways to make learning tasks more enjoyable. But intrinsic motivation will only take our kids so far. Sometimes learning is just plain work, and motivation needs to come from something beyond the task.

Gift their effort with rewards!
Often, when children’s motivation is lagging, adults offer rewards to get kids moving. These tend to work temporarily. Using a sticker chart or offering to buy a small toy will often lead to a short-term increase in the behavior you want. Sometimes that’s all you need. If it’s a just-getting-over-the-hump situation, a small reward can help kids move past a bit of reluctance, especially if the task will become easier or more enjoyable with practice.

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Rewards are about external control. But what we want for our kids is internal motivation that comes from who they are and what they value—motivation they can muster even when the task isn’t pleasant, and when we’re not around to prod them.

Relationships are an important source of motivation. Children want to do things that bring them closer to people or groups they care about.

  • Acknowledge your child’s feelings. Sometimes what kids need to get themselves moving is just to know that someone understands their reluctance. You could say to your child, “You think it’s unfair that your teacher gave you so much to do.”
  • Have reasonable expectations. Kids generally want to please their parents. This isn’t their only motivation, but it’s an important one. Children never outgrow their wish for their parents to be proud of them. False praise won’t help, but we also don’t want to be stingy with our approval.

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