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Nowadays people tend to work from home, enjoying a life free from a sardine-esque morning commute and, at least, eight hours stuck behind a desk in an office that is equal parts too cold and too hot at all hours of the day.

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Without the presence of a boss or coworkers looming over us, watching our every move and casting a disapproving frown when we amble out of bed at 11 am, still in our pyjamas to pour a third bowl of Coco Pops, working from home can allegedly leave many of us feeling socially and professionally isolated.

When it comes on working at home, whether you make the kitchen area as your working space or creating a good co-working space at one corner – the key is to create a productive working environment for yourself.

The evolution of technology and changing work styles have revolutionized the way we work, but they have also placed a greater strain on our bodies. Sitting statically all day can increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, as well as creating tension in our backs.

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Compounded with these health issues, workers seated in poorly designed chairs are also more focused on their discomfort, meaning they are less focused on their work.

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A good, ergonomic office chair will provide you with support for your back, help to improve your posture and will be comfortable enough for you to spend extended periods of time sitting at your desk.

There are plenty of options out there, but making sure you get the right chair for you and for your business doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • Set on Budget

As a general rule, you pay for what you get. Spending a little bit more can give you better ergonomics, more adjustability, longer warranties and higher weight limits.


A good ergonomic chair has a wide range of adjustments that can be tweaked to fit the unique anatomy of the user.

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on frame : RH Mereo, the recommended adjustable office chair for you who suffer backpain

Adjustable seat depth and adequate lumbar support is critical, and make sure that when you recline in the chair, the backrest doesn’t drop away. Ideally you want the angle of the seat and the back to stay the same whether you are sitting upright or leaning back – a bit like a rocking chair.


A chair that allows movement is important when you have a sedentary desk job. While a good chair can make a huge difference, regular breaks away from the workstation are so important.

Take phone calls standing up, go for a walk, go and speak to your colleague rather than emailing, take the stairs – anything to increase your level of activity is vital for your long term health.



Don’t get sucked in with the look of the chair. Very rarely are the best looking chairs the most ergonomic. If in doubt, get an expert to come and talk to you about the best options.

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On frame : HAG SoFi & SoFi Mesh, bringing the minimalist concept yet numerous benefits for the user

And don’t ever forget that prevention is better than cure – invest in the perfect chair before you develop a serious injury.

Creating a productive working space is not as hard as it seems to be, all you need is simply contact us and we are ready to assist!

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