The elegant masterpiece – HAG SoFi Mesh


Not only does she look good but she will make you look and feel good too! There are almost endless possibilities to make her your own with a wide selection of fabrics and colour choices available for the seat, lumbar support and optional headrest. You’ll become wrapped up in SoFi Mesh as she supports you through your working day.


Heavy-duty mesh

Unlike many premium meshbacks which are renowned for sagging in a short space of time, HÅG have developed a heavy-duty double woven mesh for this chair which offers the perfect balance of back support for computer users who experience fatigue while still allowing good airflow for use in stuffy offices. The SoFi Mesh moulds to your contours but will easily spring back to its original shape.

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Unique Slideback armrests

Slimmer users can often find armrests on operator chairs restrictive but HÅG’s Slideback™ armrests allow you to move closer to your desk while still providing elbow support. Plus, unlike slide away arms on many other chairs, HÅG have improved these armrests to ensure they do not slide away from you when you apply weight getting in and out of the chair.

HÅG in balance

The front of the seat tilts upwards when you lean backwards and down when you lean forward. Coupled with intuitive controls, the unique centre tilt mechanism on HÅG chairs ensures subconscious movement so you do not stay in a rigid seated position all day.

Creative design

The HÅG brand also has a strong design ethic. Through collaboration with award-winning agencies Powerdesign and Frost Produkt, they have created a truly user-friendly chair that inspires new ways of working that suits most people and fits in anywhere.

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