The Legendary Capisco Chairs – Dynamic Ergonomic


To first understand the Capisco Puls, we must first understand the term dynamic. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “dynamic”is marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change.

With the Capisco Puls, we can have a variety of different-variations-sittingpositions. One might wonder, how does being dynamic affect our health and work life? Research shows that our body needs movement and variation, the human body surely wasn’t design to sit still. Being dynamic gives our body the change we need every now and then. By having such movements, we activate muscles and allow better blood flow that keeps us awake and focused with work.


HÅG Capisco 8106With the Capisco chairs, we can sit comfortably forward as we normally would or we can also sit turned to the side. We can even sit facing backwards using the backrest as a front rest and support. The Capisco chair is named the Capisco for a reason, it was taken from the Italian word Capisce that means “I understand”. This chair was designed to understand the natural needs of our human body. It perfectly understands that we need to move and can fulfill these necessities without us having to be self-conscious.

hag_capisco_8106_leather_jpptThe chair itself was designed by Peter Opsvik and his colleagues with the philosophy of horse-back riders and their upright posture. He noticed how having the legs down low could naturally give us an upright posture. He then implied this theory unto chairs categorizing them as saddle seats.


Be Dynamic 


The best position we can sit in is ironically not sitting upright. Infact, the best sitting position one possibly can have is, the next one! An ergonomic chair is one that can follows our body naturally to how we will be sitting next. The chair should be able to follow the body and cater for its many movements. All this being done unconsciously by the user so that they can have full focus on their work. With this function, users have the freedom to move and become dynamic.

The Capisco is a great example of an ergonomic chair. They compliment standing desks well. We all know how great it is to work standing up, however long hours would quickly tire us and we would want to sit again. The Capisco works a great subtle support for those standing up, enabling them to work for longer hours with what we call sit-standing.

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