Top 5 tips to keep students alert in class


Keeping students alert in class

Its no shock to reveal that students are getting less and less focused in the classroom. The amount and depth of distractions continues to rise. You have everything from sugary foods to iphones to social media all competing for students attention and collectively contributing to a scenario where its becoming ever more difficult to keep students alert in class.

The odds are stacked against teachers, yet all is not lost. There are some actions and initiatives you can take to help students stay alert and focused. Just a 10% increase in focus can have a huge impact on learning and results.
“Active sitting” is something we are very passionate about at HAG. It applies to offices as well as schools and universities. Active sitting means you sit dynamically – changing positions, moving your body, keeping active. Most of our chairs are designed for active sitting because it helps users stay oxygenated, alert and focused.

Here are some tips to bring more activity to classrooms in a beneficial, non disruptive way.
#1: Promote ‘Active Lessons’. Ensure children have the opportunity to stand and move around throughout the day. Standing for just a few minutes per each hour class will keep students more alert and able to concentrate.
#2: Have a “power hour” or specific tasks where all students stand. It could standing time from 11-12 or every time there is reading to be done. This will get the blood flowing and give a feeling of “freshness”. Of course common sense and standard health and safety procedures must always be followed.
#3: Try to set some homework tasks that encourage activity whether it be with the students family or friends. Not only will it help with energy levels, training children to learn while being active is an attitude they can foster into adult life also.
#4: There are of course times when students must be seated. Supply seating which promotes active sitting, this will keep children moving throughout the day without them even having to think about it. It will increase blood flow and boost energy levels.
#5: Where possible and safe to do so encourage students to walk or cycle to school rather than take the bus or a lift from their parents. Activity outside the classroom contributes to overall higher energy levels and oxygenation of the body which has a positive effect when brought into the classroom.

The odds are definitely stacked against teachers when they try to keep students alert in class. However by having a proactive approach and taking the opportunities that naturally arise during the day it is certainly possible to raise attention and focus levels. Make a plan, implement it and educate students. These are life skills they can take with them into working life so its important to start young.

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