Want to Work From Home? Get Yourself One Ergonomic Office Chair

HÅG SoFi 7220 SPS003 - Fabric Kvadrat Hallingdal 130 (light grey) with Kvadrat Remix 123 (light grey) on
the rear of the backrest. Medium back.

The era has now change. People now tend to spend most of their time working not in the office but preferrably working at home. The overall trend is rising, in part because people are more productive and happier when they work from home.

Here’s the best tips of why working from home is the best way, and if you implement it correctly, you’ll get the best working spaces ever. No more working in traditionally way.

1. Get a dedicated space.

First, you need a dedicated space–a place to do your work where other things can’t overwhelm you. If you’re working for someone else, or in certain industries, you might be required to have a dedicated space.

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Get yourself stay focus during your working hours at home with a clean wide desk & invest on a good ergonomic task chair – our top recommendation is HAG Capisco

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On frame is the sister of HAG Capisco – it’s none othar than HAG Capisco Puls

Most of workers that decided to work at home dedicated their space as comfortable as possible. Ensuring they will not get bored and lazy, they opt on investing a good ergonomic working stations.

2. Splurge a bit.

We’re not all in a position to spend a lot of money, of course; if you’re starting a business from home you might very reasonably want to limit your outlay at the outset. But there are some things you really shouldn’t skimp on if you can. Consider it an investment–making your work environment a place where you’ll actually want to spend 40 or more hours of your week.

This refer on what have stated on above point – having an ergonomic by meaning of getting efficient and safe, arrangement of ergonomic working stations ranging from chair, desk, computer up to keyboard sets can keep you working more productively and prevent injuries.

What kind of ergonomic working stations that is being refer at this point asides of HAG Capisco?

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HAG SoFi & SoFi Mesh (the latest collection of SoFi) – it understands your body. 

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Suffer of backpain? Now you don’t have to worry, there’s RH Mereo

With 10 years of guarantee, these all chairs are what you need the most. 10 years of warranty, with good quality from Norway especially with its Scandinavian design – you don’t have to worry anything again.

3. Think about lighting.

Stop right now, take a few hundred dollars or so, and get good lighting. This is one of those things that’s so easy to forget about, or make due with whatever you have already–but it can make a world of difference.

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The presence of computer monitors can make office spaces tricky to light. Light needs to be diffused and the fixtures positioned to avoid creating screen glare, which can lead to eyestrain.

4. Think about storage.

One thing that becomes clear is how cluttered even the best-designed home office can become if you don’t have adequate storage space. This is especially important if you’re trying to use your office for more than one purpose–occasionally using it as a guest room, for example.

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The more storage space you have, the better it is. Especially for you who tend to keep things messy, storages spaces are crucial to keep things organized.

5. Get the digital stuff done right.

This one is often overlooked, but it’s very important. Most of us, no matter what our jobs are, depend on digital technology to do them effectively. At an office, we take some of this granted–reliable internet service, decent computers, working phones. There’s a temptation when working from home to skimp, sometimes.

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Maybe you’re using the same Wi-Fi connection your kids are using, or using your cell phone for routine calls. One trick I came up with: Take an older laptop you’re not using regularly, and set it permanently in a dedicated spot with a nice backdrop for video calls. Colby also advises hiring someone to come in for half a day to arrange and set everything you’ll be using up efficiently.

On side notes, if you are interested on owning a good ergonomic task chair, you know where to find us.

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