Ways To Decorate Your Room With Pastel

RH Lounge, RBM Sweep Table

Whether you offset gentle shades with crisp white, combine them with more vivid colors, go subtle with a touch of pastel style, or saturate your space with these irresistible hues, you’re sure to have a winning interior! Check out the images below and see which ones inspire you to paint your space with delicate tones. Add a relaxed mood to any room with powdery hues of light gray, yellow, and pink.

Soothing Sitting Room

Pretty pastels, like light gray and yellow, are ideal for creating a restful mood, and can work especially well in Scandinavian concept.

Image result for rbm sweep chair

rH Lounge Light Gray & Pink Pastel

Punched Up

Try pastel accessories in an otherwise white interior. They’ll appear vibrant, casual, and inviting.

RBM Noor Chair Light Blue

Modern Lines

Introduce pastels to add warmth to sleek spaces. Here, a pale-blue backsplash softens the clean lines of the room, creating a polished and bright look.

Image result for hag conventio wing

HAG Conventio Wing

Relaxing interiors are perfect for pastel shades

 There is something so relaxing about the lighter shades of the color palette for your spaces that you want to escape from the world in. Bathrooms, bedrooms and sitting rooms are ideal for using soft colored textiles, bedding, and decorative decor throughout your space.

HAG Capisco

Reinvent a new pastel color palette with muted neutrals

When thinking about pastel colors we only think of the obvious 7-8 colors that represent the rainbow but in pastel tones. Why not discover the whole world of muted tones or in other words the “gray” tones of all the colors. Find a color tint graph that represents the different saturations of color.

rH Mereo & Logic

Image result for noor rbm chair

RBM Noor Chair

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