Ways To Stay Healthy In The Office, Number 5 is Crucial

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If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you can’t just leave your good habits at home each time you go in to work. Despite the office treats and the post-work happy hours, you’ll want to try your best to figure out ways to stay healthy at the office.

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of yourself – in fact it just means you need to be more attentive to your lifestyle,

“Most people don’t realize how much time is spent at work, and they also don’t realize how easily they discard their modest lifestyle habits in the face of the work place. It’s your environment and the high stress and high-demands brought on by your co-workers and supervisors that can also affect your emotional and mental health – something that many people (especially women) ignore.”

If you’re looking to switch up your daily habits at your workplace, consider these 5 tips to stay healthy at the office.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Mental Health

“We know that there is a direct connection between your stress levels and your health,” says Smith. “If you are in a work environment that is emotionally hurtful or stressful, that is going to negatively impact your health. It will also impact your ability to do your job well.” Take the time to do some breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, or even a little desk yoga.

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Guides for you: Simple Desk Yoga Poses

2. Ditch The Sugar

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It’s tempting to reach for a sugary treat as you fall into the afternoon slump, but they actually can make you feel much worse. Leave those out of your diet, your desk and out of your sight.” Instead, fill up on complex carbohydrates like oat meal or whole grain toast, as research from the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition found that eating carbohydrate-rich foods can help improve your alertness in addition to keeping you full.

3. Take Breaks

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You might not feel like you have time for breaks, but taking some time away from your desk can have some profound effects. It will help you with eye strain from staring at the monitor, lower back and neck tension from sitting all day, and many other complications that come with sitting at a desk all day. It’s also important for you to mentally and physically refresh from hours of work, and it can even improve your work output.

4. Keep A Healthy Snack At Your Desk

Bring a piece of fruit or some cut up veggies from home, or leave dried fruit and nuts in your desk. Dried fruit can have a lot of sugar, but as much of it is natural sugar, it’s likely better than anything you’ll find in the office vending machines!


5. Live Ergonomic, Invest on a Good Ergonomic Office Chair

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SoFi Mesh Ergonomic Task Chair

Most modern work places require employees to be at their desk for long hours. This change in work styles requires better, ergonomic office or task chairs to ensure that employees are comfortable at their desk. Unless the chair can be adjusted for height and inclination, employees are likely to develop various health problems such as back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and even neck pain. All of these lead to lower levels of productivity, just like how SoFi Mesh ready to assist your needs on making your day easier!


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Capisco Puls Task Chair

While businesses need to provide the best chairs for key personnel who have health problems, they need to take into consideration the footprint of the chair, ease of mobility, and spaciousness when selecting chairs for common areas such as reception rooms, conference rooms, and training places. We recommend chairs that are lightweight and spacious for these uses. This enables a business to easily move chairs from one room to another as the need arises just like how Capisco Puls, our favorite masterpiece ergonomic task chair that keeps you productive!


Some employees prefer cushioned seats on their chairs since this increases their comfort levels. They ought to be provided with chairs that provide adequate back support and also have cushions. Task chairs should have features that enable height adjustment. Individual employees can be provided with chairs that have cushions in different colors to enable an element of personalization, now you can have the criterias with Futu Task Chair

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Futu Task Chair

Let’s start on living healthy and maximise your ergonomic chairs, we are ready to assist you anytime and see you in our showroom (for Jakarta region)

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